Warren Bischoff — Thank you for taking the time to read and engage with these ideas. These are honest questions and themes I am navigating myself. While it does seem nearly insurmountable to identify one’s true desires and to find a place of freedom when your internal world has been occupied by these de-substantive forces, it may not be impossible.

And maybe freedom wasn’t the best word choice here. We may, in fact, be able to experience a sense of freedom and contentment in life, but it may not be because we’ve freed ourselves from the big Other. It may just be that we’ve found a subjective place of comfort within one of the Other’s demands. So I guess that is where my main question lies. How do we know if the freedom we feel is actually freedom, or just a certain status within a particular demand that was never ours to begin with?

This is what Peter Rollins would call “unfreedom” because we think and feel as if we are free, while not being aware that we are actually operating under the influence of things outside of our conscious awareness.

I do think there are many things that can help us get close and to gain a greater sense of clarity, but I guess I ultimately lean toward it not being possible because we can never know for sure.

Anyway, this is fun to think about. I appreciate the engagement!

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