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  • James Beaufait

    James Beaufait

    Living our dream off-grid in Hawaii; passionate about creative expression: Wabi-sabi stories, living and dreaming consciously, and communing with Mother Nature.

  • Michelle Pearce

    Michelle Pearce

    Author | Psychologist | Educator | Researcher | Health and Wellness Coach | Writing for Wellness Facilitator | Website: www.drmichellepearce.com

  • Erik Rittenberry

    Erik Rittenberry

    Everything has been figured out, except how to live.

  • Elliott Morgan

    Elliott Morgan

    Well-meaning dork just having a nice time.

  • Loudt Darrow

    Loudt Darrow

    Sharing fun, fast ideas. Smartass, but trying to be entertaining about it. Words in cool places like Start it Up, Curious, TWC, Ascent, and mum’s fridge door.

  • Adrian Drew

    Adrian Drew

    Owner of Mind Cafe | Let’s chat on Instagram: @adriandrew__

  • Luca Rossi

    Luca Rossi

    On a quest to build an AGI that doesn’t destroy us. Sharing ideas to improve ourselves and the world. Contact me at rossiluca711@gmail.com

  • George J. Ziogas

    George J. Ziogas

    I come from a land down under | Manners will take you where money won’t | HR Consultant | OHS Specialist | Personal Trainer

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